Chinese for Everyone is meant for everyone!

We believe strongly in the importance of language learning in early childhood development and welcome children of all ages and backgrounds to see how easy and fun Chinese can be. As a non-phonetic language, Chinese is one of the best stimulators for left side/right side brain use. Along with the vast traditions and rich culture that China has, our students are exposed to a different environment which helps broaden their horizons.

Chinese for Everyone combines aspects from both American and Chinese education. Our staff members have individually grown up in Houston, going through American education, grown up in 哈尔滨 (Harbin), going through Chinese education, and raised children in both America and China. Taking everything we experienced and everything we learned, our programs optimize the most effective methods from both countries.

Cultural Integration

What separates Chinese for Everyone from other language learning programs is our unique classroom style. We believe that the only way to truly understand a language is through the context of its culture–learning language must go hand in hand with learning culture. For example, when we teach the word “筷子“ (chopsticks), not only do students learn how to use chopsticks but they learn proper eating etiquette in China and its history. Students are excited to go to class when they acquire practical knowledge and skills while naturally learning how to speak, read and write the Chinese vocabulary/grammar that goes along with it.

Our Team

Rachel Ciampichini

When I was 9 years old, my family moved to China to help impoverished children receive an education and learn English. At first, it was difficult being the only American in my classes, but overtime I made lifelong friends and fell in love with China. Since coming back to the United States, I’ve always felt like the Chinese part of me was missing (even though I’m not Chinese). I realized that the culture and education I experienced in China is something that I want to bring to the classrooms and education system here in Houston.

My first experience teaching was at the age of 11–I would substitute classes at the kindergarten my parents worked at. I eventually taught at middle schools, high schools and helped my father translate when he would speak at universities. It was at this time that I realized my passion for education. In the last 15 years I became certified and have been teaching English and Chinese in classrooms in America and China.

Franklin Tam

Born and raised in Houston my whole life, I never really felt connected to China or my Chinese heritage. As an engineering undergrad at the University of Houston, I was shocked and blessed to receive the Chinese Government Scholarship, an opportunity to study abroad at Jiaotong University in Shanghai. My first time in China, I was hit with culture shock–but the experience and learning about my cultural roots left me in awe. Upon returning to the states, I took up a major in Chinese studies, actively participating in community events promoting Chinese culture and became a recipient of the Sino-USA Friendship Award.

The year I spent in China was unforgettable and life changing. Now that I have graduated, I want to share the culture I experienced to the city I grew up in.

Kim Lee

For the last twenty five years I’ve been working with students, training teachers and conducting family education seminars all over China and the United States. My personal and professional connections to Sino-US education are broad and deep. I’ve not only taught extensively in both countries and published many English learning textbooks, my very own children were born and raised in China. My three daughters attended Chinese public schools, can communicate freely in Chinese and English and are equally comfortable in their two cultures.

I truly believe that this is the right time for American students to learn Chinese and enjoy the many benefits this skill will bring to their lives. I look forward to combining the best practices of East and West to educate confident, capable and of course, Chinese-speaking future global citizens!

Chinese for Everyone is meant for everyone!
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