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Why Learn Chinese?

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. We provide Mandarin classes in Houston and Spring, Texas in an engaging cultural environment to open future opportunities for students starting at an early age.

Mandarin Class

For elementary students to learn Chinese in a fun and natural way. Interactive lessons include activities, games, homework missions every week, and a final oral exam.

Library Program

Free weekly culture classes sponsored by Houston’s public libraries. Introduce your child to Chinese culture and learn basic vocabulary in our community of young Mandarin speakers.

Online Classes

Video classes for you and your family to learn from Mandarin from home! 12 lessons put together with fun and useful phrases for your child to converse with the entire family

Summer Camp

Experience China in Houston! Our Chinese summer camps pull activities & traditional classroom settings from all over China. Campers will use vocabulary they learn to compete with friends.

About us

Chinese for Everyone is meant for everyone! We believe strongly in the importance of language learning in early childhood development and welcome children of all ages and backgrounds to see how easy and fun Chinese can be. Our Mandarin classes in Houston focus on natural and intuitive learning.


Meet our Team

Rachel Ciampichini

Franklin Tam

Kim Lee

Parent Testimonials

My 6 year old son took the classes held by Chinese for Everyone at Moo House Cafe and it lit his fire for Mandarin and Chinese culture. The teachers are enthusiastic and friendly. The classes are perfectly tuned to both educate and keep the students engaged. We will be attending their upcoming classes with great expectations.

Carli Ladner

Contact Information

Class Location

Northland Christian School
4363 Sylvanfield Dr.
Houston, TX 77014

Phone & Email

Phone: 346-314-9036

Library Sponsors

Northwest Branch Library &
Barbara Bush Branch Library

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Chinese for Everyone is meant for everyone!
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